TECHNOVISTA is a cutting edge outsourcing service provider, for medium to large enterprises as their IT outsourcing partner.

We are a multi-functional team with firsthand experience of working in dynamic international business environment. We are capable of completing projects in any stage of progress.

The project manager maintains the basic project development plan.

Why outsource to TECHNOVISTA?

  • Long term cost saving
  • Zero spend on infrastructure
  • Transparent Billing
  • Focus on core Business
  • Scalability
  • Deep technology expertise team
  • Guaranteed bottom line results from small to large-scale application outsourcing

TECHNOVISTA provides outsourcing services in the following areas:

  • Website development
  • Web application development
  • Desktop client-server application development
  • Data warehouse & data mining application
  • Workflow management application
  • Mobile/ Smart phone application
  • Support & maintenance
  • Q/A / Testing